BlogMint : Monetize Your Blog, Youtube Channel And Tweet With BlogMint

BlogMint is a new Influencer Marketing Platform,which help you to get sponsored content for your blog. Anyone with a blog, twitter or a youtube channel can join it and earn a five figure amount per month, directly into there bank account.It is free to join and anyone can join whether you are a new blogger or old.

Here's How its Work:

1) First create a Account in BlogMint and set the price you want to charge for each post, video or tweets.

2) Now choose a Campaign to Promote and Apply for It OR Accept Invitation from Brands who want to engage with You.

earn with blogmint

3) You will receive a confirmation email on approval.

4) Now Submit a draft post for review, once the brand approve it, publish the post and submit the published url.

5) Now, get paid directly to your bank account.

You can promote the campaign on your blog, Youtube Channel or twitter based on the campaign type.

What do you think about this platform? You can share your experience with us after using blogmint. Let us know in the comments below.

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