( *Loot* ) Taskbucks Loot - Refer And Earn Rs 40 Paytm Cash + 40 Mb 3G

Hi friends, welcome back to hackerwalablog, Taskbucks is a loot app and the best one, you will get your earning in few seconds after downloading a app, previously i quit using taskbucks because of few bugs in the app but the latest version is free from bugs,

Yesterday, I reinstalled taskbucks and within 15 minutes i earned Rs 22 Paytm cash by completing offers. here in this post i will show you a trick to earn more with taskbucks just follow the step below.

( Recommended ) I suggest you to use a wi-fi connection during this task for speed and efficiency, if you don't have a wi-fi connection in home, you may visit to a near by cyber cafe.

How To Earn More From Taskbucks And Receive Extra Rs 40 Paytm cash from Invite And Earn

1) Install Taskbuck( 3.9 mb Only ) Direct Apk

2) Use YSRBEJ7K during Sign up (Important !!)

taskbucks referral credit hack

3) Now install all app, don't think about how much a app will give you, just install all the app ( better if you are using Wi-Fi )

4) If you followed the above step and download all the app, then i am sure you have already earned Rs 200+ Paytm cash from taskbucks

5) Go to Menu >> Invite And win

And start sharing your links with your friend, now when your friend to install taskbucks and use your referral code and complete one offer,you will receive free paytm cash per referral.

Many people still doubt that taskbucks is a fake app, but its not heres the payment proof of taskbucks:

Taskbucks Payment Proof:

Recommended App:

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