Get A Perfect Floating Social Widget & Other Widgets For Your Site ( No Coding Required + Free )

Hello friends, If your are visiting my site on desktop you must have notice a beautiful floating social widget on the left side of the screen and a beautiful promo bar at the top, do you want this on your website, no matter whether its wordpress site, blogger(Like mine) site or a custom made website, I will tell you the secret about how to add this beautiful widget on your own site too, without the need of any coding experience.

Social widget helps me to drive more traffic to my site, cause with this widget my reader can easily share my post in there timeline with there friends. Plus you can also track the performance of your site, i.e, how many visitor visit your site and home many of them share your blog post.

The technique i will show you is very easy, and doesn't require any coding experience, even a 13 year old child can do it and add this widget on his site. In this post i will show you the step by step guide with picture and example on how to add floating widget and other widgets on your blogger, WordPress or any website.

How To Add A Floating Social Widget & Other Widgets On Your Site Without Any Coding (With Picture) :

  1. Go To and Sign up for a free account.
  2. Now Click On Site Settings And go to install Tab and Copy the Javascript
  3. Now Simply Paste this Javascript on Your site Source code just before the </body> Tag, for more help follow the official howto
  4. After you complete the above step just go back to your GetSiteControl dashboard and create a new Widget, I will show you with a example how to create a floating social widget.
    1. Click On Create a Widget Button and Select Share option
    2. Now select the position where you want to show your share button you can choose any position, in my example i am going to use left side of the screen
    3. You can customize the color of the social share button, In my example i am going to use the native color for the social share button (i.e, the original logos of facebook, twitter,etc)
    4. Now in Content, you can select which social network button you want to show, we are going to choose Facebook, twitter and google plus
    5. Click the Ok button in the bottom, There are more customization options, but for now we are not going to use it
    6. Now you will be redirected back to dashboard, and there you will see the widget, and it will ask you to activate it, just click activate.
    7. All step completed, now visit your website and enjoy the beautiful floating share button, yes it is that easy.

Like Social Share button we can create many more things, like promo widget, email subscription widget, survey page and many more widgets all for can use this only on one side with your free account, if you have more than one site and want to use it on all the site than go for a premium account, it doesn't cost much plus if you choose a yearly plan you will get 20% Off

If you have any doubt or question, just drop me a comment below i will try my best to solve it

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