How To Earn With Amazon Affiliate Program In India : A Beginner Guide

Previously, I have talked about how to earn online in India with Opicle Network, EarnAbly and a lots of other sources, this time i share how to earn with one of my favorite affiliate program, Amazon Affiliate Program. Amazon is a giant International E-commerce site with crores of product and users.

In this post i discuss about Affiliate Program, it is available for all Indian users and free to join. With this affiliate program you can earn a commission when a user buy a product from amazon using your special link. The percentage of commission varies from product to product, generally its around 10-12%

How To Join Amazon Affiliate Program :

2) Now click on Join Now For FREE button and login with your Amazon account. If you don't own a amazon account create a new account its free.

3) Now you will see a form, fill it with your detail and when asked for own site, enter your site name and if you don't own a site you can enter your facebook page url or else you can create a free site with[ Optional : you can buy a custom domain from Bigrock Discounted Link]

4) Now you will receive a email which contain your amazon affiliate id, mine is :


5) Now again, within 24 Hours you will receive a another email from amazon in your register email account that your account is approve.

Now What,

How To Earn With Amazon Affiliate Program A Step By Step Guide:

1) First choose a product you want to promote. Ex:
the above link is of Men's slim denim jeans.

2) Now when you have decided a product to promote, its time to add your affiliate id in the link. Ex
replace hwb15-21 with your affiliate Id that you have receive in the email.

4) Now share this link in your site, facebook, twitter or any where you wish.
[ Pro tip: shorten the link with ]

Now the best part of this link is that once a user visit your link with a device and didn't buy the product, but he return back within 24 hours and buy the product from the same device you will be eligible for the commission, here device mean browser.

You may have many question in your mind about when will you receive your payment from amazon? what is the minimum payout? what are the available payment option? don't worry i will answer all your questions and if you think i miss something just let me know in the comment section below.

When Will You Receive Payment From Amazon Affiliate Program :

You will receive your payment in Approx 60 days after the end of the month,suppose you earn Rs 1000 in January you will receive your payment in march.

What payment method is available and what is the minimum payout for Amazon Affiliate Program :

There are two payment option is available, one is NEFT and the other one is cheque, if you choose NEFT the minimum payment is Rs 1000 and if you choose to receive your payment with cheque the minimum payout is Rs 2500.

Now if you have any question or just want to share your experience, do let me know in the comment section below.

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