How To Get Google Adsense Approval In 10 Quick Steps

Today in this post, i will share my secret on how to get your site approved by Google adsense in 10 easy step, I can't guarantee you that your site will be approved, but if you follow all the step correctly i am 99.9% sure about it.

Before we start, if you are using free domain name like " " i strongly suggest you to buy a custom domain, cause with custom domain the chances of getting your site approved is extremely high. You can buy a domain at a very low price from bigrock (Discount Link).


Now it's time to share the secret so take a deep breath and read on and don't skip any of the step :

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Buy A Top-Level Domain
Add a Privacy Policy
Add a Disclaimer Page
Add a Contact Us Page
Add Google Analytics to your site
Add Your Site In Google Web master
Minimum No Of Posts
Remove Any Alternate Ads
Traffic Requirement
A Good Site Design And Navigation

1) Buy A Top-Level Domain :

I already told you that you have to buy a custom domain, cause the chance of getting your free site approve by adsense is very low (2-5%), if you really want to earn with Google Adsense you have to do a little invest and buy a domain name,i prefer .in domain as i myself use it and you can get a cheap deal from bigrock (BigRock discount link).

This is my own experience, my adsense application was disapproved three times with free site but when i buy this domain "" and apply for adsense it was approved within 24 Hours.

If you are using free site and live in china or India you have to wait for 6 month before you are eligible to apply for Google adsense but with custom domain you don't have to wait so long.

2) Add a Privacy Policy :

This is a mandatory requirement for adsense, your site must have a privacy policy, you can use any online privacy policy generator to create a privacy policy and made changes as per your requirement or you can also check my privacy policy page below.

3) Add a Disclaimer Page :

Like privacy policy page, disclaimer is also important for adsense approval and you can use any free online disclaimer generator to generate a disclaimer and make edit according to your need.

4) Add a Contact Us Page :

This is the most importance page and a requirement for adsense, with contact us page a interested advertiser may directly contact you for ads placement and this way you will earn some extra money not only this, a contact us page increases you visitor trust toward your site (Its a common psychology).

5) Add Google Analytics to your site :

Believe me as your site grow larger you will need some kind of analytics software to understand your visitors and your overall site performance and here Google analytics will help you out for free. Google analytics is free to join.

6) Add Your Site In Google Web master :

Google web master is one of the best free tool provided by Google for site owner to increase there search ranking in Google search. Add your site to Google webmasters.

7) Minimum No Of Posts :

There is no minimum no of post requirement for Google Adsense, mine was approved with 25 posts so i suggest you to have at least 20 quality post before applying for Google adsense.

8) Remove Any Alternate Ads:

If you are using any other ad network remove it from your site before applying for Google adsense.

9) Traffic Requirement :

Before you apply for adsense, first create a user base and try to bring at least 50 daily visit , because even if your adsense account is approved but your site don't have enough traffic you won't earn a single cent from it.

My suggestion is to create a Facebook page and a twitter account for your site and post your site link in Facebook groups (but, do not SPAM!). Social network is a great source of traffic, i myself use it and sometime able to gain 500+ daily visits only form Facebook .

10) A Good Site Design And Navigation :

Your site should have a good design and a easy to use navigation system where a user can easily jump from one post to another.

Now if you have completed all the above step its time to apply for adsense and pray for its approval. If you followed all the step correctly there is a very high chance of adsense approval.

If you need any help or have any queries do let me know in the comment section below, and don't worry if your site is not approved by adsense, its not the end of the world, you can try affiliate marketing check out some of the recommended post on affiliate marketing.

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