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After a long time i am again posting about how to earn thousands of Rupees online with affiliate marketing. Ever imagine how Coupon sites and cash back sites work? How do they earn money? From where they got all the coupons? How can you create your own Coupon or Cash back website or a website for loot deals?

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In this post i will answer to all the above question and also tell you how to earn thousands(If you try hard you can even earn Lakhs of Rupees ) of Rupees per month from cuelinks.

How do Coupon And Cash Back Sites Works

It is very simple, you go to a cash back site sign up there,then you purchase a product using there LINK, and after successful purchase you receive a small amount of cash back, which you can redeem after 30 or 60 days, depend on the cash back site.

How do Cash back and Coupon sites Earn Money

You might have notice above that the word LINK is in all caps, because the whole magic is done by this link only.these links are special links

how affiliate marketing work - cuelinks review

When you buy a product from the link share by a cash back site or a coupon site, they earn a small amount of commission (between 2% - 20%).Cash back sites share a small amount of there earnings from you, with you.

Myth : "there is a myth that when you use affiliate link you have to pay higher" this is completely wrong, you don't have to pay even a single paisa more when you use affiliate link. affiliate link are just like normal link, So don't hesitate and do use affiliated link.

This is how blogger like me and other earn online, and this helps us to continue to write awesome articles like this.

How To Start Your Own Coupon And Cash back Site With Cuelinks.

Now its time to share the secret weapon, using which you can earn online and create your own cash back and coupon site and also get access to all the new offers and loot deals.

Step 1 : Create a Website

If you already own a site than skip this step and go to next step.If not then continue, first you need to own a website you can use Wordpress or blogger (Recommended for Beginner+ free ). Now buy a Top level domain name, this is important because many affiliate Network don't accept free domains names. Domain names are cheap and you can buy one from (discount link), I myself use bigrock to host my domain.

1) Go to cuelinks and sign up for a publisher account.

2) Now within a week your account will be approved.

Hurrah!, So now you are all set, currently There are four way by which you can earn money with cuelinks, they are

1) Manual Linking : Suppose you want to promote/share a flipkart product link, just sign in to your cuelinks account and go to Resource Center >> LinkKit and paste your link there and click Linkme button, and kaboom! your affiliate link is ready.

cuelink - linkit

Now share the link in your site and when someone purchase from that link you will receive a commission.

Currently there are 200+ merchant (flipkart, amazon, e-bay, paytm, freecharge, etc), so your chances of earning is very high.

2) JavaScript Installation : Manual linking is a tiresome, so engineer at cuelinks decided to make it more easy or in simple word make everything automatic.

Sign in to your cuelink account and go to Installation Tab, Now there you will find a JavaScript just copy it and paste it in your webpage source code, just before the ending body Tag

cuelink - javascript

Now you don't have to manually, convert a link to affiliate link, just share the normal link in our case it is a flipkart product link, and when a user click the link it will automatically convert into affiliated link.

3) Coupon And Deals Widgets : You can find one of this on my site, If you are on desktop then you can find it on the right side.

cuelink - widget

You can create deals or coupon widget for your site too, just sign in to your cuelink account and go to Resource Center >> Widget and then choose the widget type.

4) CueWords : This is another great tools from the cuelinks team, when this is enabled, it will automatically add affiliate link to some high converting keywords and increase your chance of earning.

cueword - cuelinks review

You can find a working demo of cueword here

CueLinks FAQ

1) Payout : Minimum Rs 500 (This is the best thing about cuelinks)
2) Payout Cycle : NET60 Day
3) Payment Method : Cheque , Direct Deposit.

Now with the knowledge of this its time to grab the opportunity, and do some thing meaningful and fruitful.

Hope you like this post, If you have any query or doubts just post it below in the comment section and i will try my best to help you out and yes don't forget to share this post.


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